Ithala Personal Loan

Ithala Personal Loan is offered by Ithala Limited, which offers loans that varies in interest and loan products.

If you are looking for a much cheaper Personal Loan then Ithala Limited offers a choice of Ithala Personal Loans that you can choose from including:

  • Cash Loan products;
  • Home Loan products;
  • Personal Loan products;
  • Commercial Property Loan services;  and
  • Home Improvement Loan services.

Also, the loan can also be applied for to acquire land and/buildings, or to build for new or existing SMME’s involved mostly in development projects with a positive impact on the community.

The loan repayment period and terms are set up to suit your circumstances and financial situation; and is set at a maximum of 20 years.

Ithala contact details:

Physical address:
Ithala Limited
Head Office
15th Floor
303 West Street

Tel +27 31 366 2500
Toll free number 080 133 1130

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Ithala Personal Loan
Ithala Personal Loan

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2 thoughts on “Ithala Personal Loan

  1. louisa Reply

    I am looking for a loan urgently but are blacklisted for being in arrears with my accounts due to the death of my father and had to help with all the expensence will you be able to assist me please

  2. farzana Reply

    Application for personel loan to reconcile and pay off all accounts

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