Bayport Loans

Bayport Financial Services was established in 2004 and is one of the largest non-banking Personal Loan providers in South Africa and they offer Bayport personal Loans for individuals.

With the implementation of a proven information technology platform and a proficient risk and credit assessment competency, Bayport has been able to grow market share while maintaining credit quality.

Bayport provides loans of up to an amount of R100,000 in personal loans. With an easy application process, personalised care and affordable repayment structuring where the interest rates are fixed throughout the duration of the repayment term, Bayport has gone the extra mile.

Not only is Bayport a reliable lender but its a responsible organisation that subscribes to government policy and guidelines, for this reason they subscribe to the BEE policy and enjoy a level 5 rating. Bayport also supports numerous corporate social investment projects.

The Bayport signature across South Africa is therefore an assurance of affordable and conveniently tailored credit solutions.

Bayport can be contacted on 0861056 056 for quires on personal loans.

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