Elite Personal Loans

Elite Group offers Elite Personal Loans that are made for individuals, Elite Personal loans are in essence short term in nature i.e. one to six months repayment on a loan amount of between R300 and R 8 000.00.

Lending Process

Documentation required at Front offices:

  • Application Document
  • Credit check and Registration
  • Process of loan
  • Activation of electronic payment system / Salary deduction
  • Electronic payment to client

Call Centre Facility

The whole lending process is done through voice logging and is completed within three minutes. Transfer of funds to a successful applicants account is done within minutes.

The Call Centre provides an organisation and its staff the following benefits:

  • Easy Access to responsible credit
  • A solution for a nagative credit record
  • Protecting employees from high cost lenders and debt trapping
  • Security of the transaction
  • No geographical contrains
  • Financial education


  • Full financial control
  • Increase in productivity – no need for employee to leave place of work
  • No administration hassles – repayment done through Elite’s electronic debit order system
  • Legal system, integrated with the legislator and in-line with the new credit bill
  • Cost effictive

Incremental Loans

Incremental loans aim to address housing finance needs of the housing market that have an ability to contribute financially to housing costs but to whom bank-funded housing finance is not readily available.

The lives of more than one million people have been improved through these loans but it is believed that there is an endless demand for assistance.

Incremental loans are offered to home owners who wish to build homes on an incremental basis by extending or improving existing property. These loans are for instance extended to add a room, install a geyser, enhance security or to effect any improvement that increase the value of the house.

These loans are targeted to the low- to moderate-income housing market.

Loan amounts range between R3000 and R20000 with a repayment period of between 10 and 36 months.

Qualifying criteria

  • The minimum condition for an applicant is:
  • income between R 2 500.00 and R 7 500.00 per month
  • able to prove two years of continuous employment
  • ability to service the loan
  • older than 21 years of age and a South African citizen

Elite Branded Card

The Elite Card completes the circle of loan services that Elite offers

Elite offers all its clients a fully fledge debit card linked to master card and utilizes a close looped card for all clients qualifying for incremental loans. To ensure that money approved for incremental purposes are only utilized for home improvements and or education, providers are pre-selected and the card is accepted only at these pre approved suppliers of products and services.

Over an above the normal benefits associated with card, clients receives all bank services free of charge.

Call Centre Facility

The Elite call centre is a unique concept in financial services and the only one in South Africa.

The Elite call centre will not only service the micro lending side of business but will aslo administer product support and information inquiries from all other clients.

The call centre improves Elite’s operations and reduces costs, while providing a standardized, streamlined uniform service.

Information Systems

Micro Lending Administration Program (MLAS)

The micro lending program has evolved with the industry twelve years ago. Our software package is used by more than 230 outlets nationwide and is well equipped to support the industry at large.

The program is data base structured, user friendly and complies with GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Practice) and the New Credit Act.

Integration into the National Loan Register, required by the National Credit Regulator, is done via CPB (Consumer Profile Bureau) and Compuscan.

The various payment methods that can be processed through the program are: NuPay, Alpps, Electronic deductions, such as debit orders or Salary deductions, as well as Cash receivable.

There is a variety of reports available, of which a popular one is the Daily Statistics report. This report gives an accurate glance of the state of affairs of the business at any time of the month to date.

Our support team consists not only of a Call Centre, but also technical staff who can help resolve most of the IT problems experienced in the micro lending industry. There’s also an off-site backup facility available to all users of the program.

Financial Training

As part of the group’s services we offer basic financial training:

Basic money guide for South Africa:

  • Available in various official languages
  • Approved by the Financial Services Board
  • More than 71 training staff member
  • Certificate of competence issued on successful completion
  • Vital for future economic stability
  • Widespread footprint all provinces serviced
  • Branding options

Contents of money guide:

  • How to budget
  • How to make the most of your money
  • How to operate an ATM card
  • Dangers of the debt spiral
  • Value of planning and education
  • Avoiding debtInsurance

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Elite Personal Loans
Elite Personal Loans

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